Industrial Packaging

FFC Heavy-duty Bag



material property

PE heavy duty bag also called FFS bag, which is a kind of automatic forming filling bag. High packaging efficiency and low cost are high-tech products in the packaging industry. Compared with plastic woven bags, PE heavy-duty bags have a unique raw material ratio, superior performance and environmental friendly, advanced equipment and devices, easy to recycle, and meet the requirements of the fourth type of environmentally friendly packaging materials commonly used internationally.

1. The surface of the bag is smooth and clean, the pattern is rich in content, and the color is clear.

2. Excellent sealing performance, moisture resistance, water resistance and antifouling performance.

3. With special formula, This bag not soften and deform in high temperature, and no brittle or broken in severe cold.

4. Anti-UV, stable color.

5. Automatic packaging can improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor intensity.