Industrial Packaging

Shrink Film



material property

Cold shrink film, also known as cold stretch hood film, is a more efficient pallet-integrated packaging method, which has higher sustainability, lower operating costs and energy consumption. Pull apart the four corners of the film through the packaging equipment, cover it from top to bottom of the packaged object, and use the high resilience and high clamping force of the film to tightly wrap the entire packaged object.

1.Excellent toughness, puncture and tear resistance;

2.High efficiency performance in both high and low temperature environment

3.Single roll, reducing the number of manual membrane changes and man-hours

4.Increase the packaging speed (>=80 boards/HR), and the overall efficiency

5.High transparency, which is conducive to warehousing management and enterprise identification in the transportation process

6.High clamping force ensures load stability; reduces the shaking of transported goods and improves transport safety