To become an international brand supplier of packaging materials.

Focus on customer needs; provide superior packaging products and sustainable solutions to create maximum value for customers.


Innovation is the fundamental survival of enterprises, the source of growth power. Only the courage to explore, dare to innovate, can always walk in the forefront of the industry. Enable sustainable development through technological innovation.


Preserve then we can succeed. Enterprise development must have a firm belief, from the beginning to the end. Only persistence can lead to excellence.

Steady and Long

Be careful in the beginning and respectful in the ending, then we can walk steady to reach the distance. Only by working step by step, responding to changes in a stable manner, accumulating advantages silently, taking the initiative firmly and moving forward pragmatically can enterprises go more steadily and further on the road of continuous development and growth.


Cooperate and share responsibility. For employees, responsibility embodies professionalism and the value of life. An active and responsible attitude is loyalty and faith to one's responsibility. For enterprises, taking responsibility can better consolidate the strength of employees, making them work hard and overcome difficulties together, finally promote the sustainable development.


Self-interest is born, and altruism is long. With "altruistic heart", the enterprise can realize the ecological development. Enterprises, employees and partners breathe the same breath, share the same fate, depend on each other and advance together. Only from the standpoint and perspective of symbiosis, can we think about survival and development and form a real community of interests, to meet various challenges and achieve real win-win.